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The system further comprises a positioning utility coupled to said phase difference estimator and configured to determine the position of the transponder relative to the positioning system.Lance-N-Loc® is a strong, rotation-resistant clinching method for joining harder materials or multiple layers of sheet metal.In a similar manner, the phase of a sensed magnetic field relative to a sensed electric field is dependent on the type of load on the lines.

The present invention further provides a method of locking a mouth of a bag-type container in a closed position. Citing Patent Filing date Publication date Applicant.Computer Software Patents b. Business Method Patents c. Internet/E-commerce Patents Chapter 4:Obtaining and Using Your Patent A. Before You Apply For a Patent 1.The International Patent Classification (IPC), established by the Strasbourg Agreement 1971, provides for a hierarchical system of language independent symbols for.Chapter 16 Intellectual Property. method, and in particular a. patent applications are deemed effective as prior art as of.

Very nice Dietz clear glass lantern globe, little wizard LOC-NOB patent dates 3-10-14/ 2-18-18 | eBay!.Title By his majestys royal letters patent - the new invented method of punishing state criminals Summary Print shows Britannia drawn and.

gelification - a simple and efficient method for on-chip storage of reagents: towards lab-on-a-chip systems for point-of-care diagnostics. jonas høgberg.

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A simple and precise real-time four point single sinusoid signals instantaneous frequency estimation method for portable DSP based instrumentation.[Original museum display card for Lincoln's method of lifting vessels over shoals patent]. lprbscsm.scsm0633 [Original museum display.

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It should be emphasized that many variations and modifications may be made to the above-described embodiments.For example, with overhead power lines, the AC field sensors may be placed tens of meters or more from the AC power lines.A business method patent is part of a larger family of patents known as utility patents, which protect inventions, formulas and processes.Loc: Florida; 3+ Months. for using Adobe way of handling the "click to activate this control. created the browsers using the methods which are under a patent.

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Method and apparatus for generating and detecting amplitude and phase modulated sensor signals.Priority date (The priority date is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.A method and apparatus for fabricating small form factor semiconductor chips having high temperature resistance, good humidity and chemical resistance and good.

In these cases, both the relative amplitude change and the relative phase change for the magnetic field are computed as follows.Methods for detecting and classifying loads on alternating current (AC) lines are provided.

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The method of an embodiment of the invention captUres input voltage information. loc. Patent Number: 269045: Indian Patent Application Number: 1004.Device and method for the highly sensitive magnetic measurement, and signal processing in the magnetic detection system.FIG. 5 is a block diagram showing an exemplary embodiment of the steps for processing the electric and magnetic fields in FIG. 3 to detect and classify loads on an AC line using a relative phase change signal.What makes RIZE Enterprises the fastest growing manufacturer of cable joiners and. Our revolutionary Kwik-Loc method can be used as a fast and reliable way.

This is true because estimating the type of load requires knowledge of the relative phase of the voltage and current on an AC power line and the relative phase that can typically be measured is a complex function of the size and location of power capacitors, the positioning and spacing of various conductors on utility poles, and the orientation and type of sensors being employed.This eliminates the phase ambiguity due to specific sensor conditions.

FIG. 8 is a diagram illustrating the change in the relative phase of the electric and magnetic fields when a load is turned on.The advantage of this method over the simple method is that it eliminates the ambiguity that is caused by an unknown initial load.In the United States, where AC power lines operate at a frequency of 60 Hz, relatively low cost unattended electric field and magnetic field ground sensors operating within about 500 meters of the power lines can be used to detect the quasi-static electric and magnetic fields generated by these lines.Unfortunately, AC magnetic field sensors cannot be used to classify the type of load on an AC power line.

Fast-fourier-transform spectral-analysis techniques as a plasma fluctuation diagnostic tool.Cellmid’s Key Patents and Intellectual Property. Cellmid also holds patents over methods of production of both MK and anti-MK antibodies.This range may be greater for high-voltage transmission lines in rural environments, and may be less in urban environments, with signal clutter from many other sources.

available at (Senator Kyl’s. business method patents, including (but not limited to).Goloc, solução completa. Date of Patent: Jun, 25, 2013. Method for managing lockers remotely. The Tool GO LOC is simple, fast and only takes 3 steps. Create.

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Methods for detecting and classifying loads on alternating current (AC) lines are provided. One such method includes the steps of placing an AC field sensor in AC.Patent is the only way to protect a “disclosed” technology. An invention that can be “anything under the sun” made by man (i.e. process, method, machine.A method and apparatus for fabricating small form factor semiconductor chips having high temperature resistance, good humidity and chemical resistance and.Instead, detection of one component of each is sufficient, e.g. E x and B x, etc.

FIG. 1 is a flowchart showing an exemplary embodiment of a method for detecting and classifying loads on alternating current (AC) lines.Patent data available in the public domain from Indian Patents Office, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotions, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.Accurate magnetic field sensor and method for wireless phasor measurement unit.

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